About Buncha


Humble Beginnings

Born in 2005, Buncha.com was originally a free classified ads website which provided easy, location based, online classifieds. It has since expanded into a news and ratings network covering various industries, services and websites.

Fast Forward to Today

Buncha is now a universal news magazine, classifieds and “buncha-the-best” directory. We provide unique articles and news in a variety of categories. Our Buncha the best sections provide lists of “top-10” best companies, businesses and websites organized by location and industry. Buncha’s location based classifieds are a free and easy to use buy and sell community with something for everyone.

A Buncha the Best

Because we were dissatisfied with ratings that were dependent on a single platform’s users’ reviews, we were motivated to create a better and more comprehensive method to score businesses, websites and products & services. By including the “human element” and hand picking our lists and then also running them through a one-of-kind algorithm we generate our “Buncha the best…”

Our algorithm takes into account a wide variety of factors. These may include rating and review data points from various sources, such as search engines and directories (like Yahoo and Yelp), as well as data from other user review platforms, certifications and awards, degree of specialization, hours of operation, website factors, and more.