Top 10 Best Pest Control Companies in Anchorage AK

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Getting rid of or controlling pests can be a real annoying chore. If you have given it your all and it’s time to turn the job over to the professionals, have a look at the list of pest control companies below.

Mosquito Hunters of Anchorage

Mosquito Hunters makes mosquito control both cost-efficient and effective. We provide mosquito control services that are backed by our Client Happiness Promise by concentrating on a great client experience. We work hard to keep these “equal opportunity” parasites away from families, companies, and communities.

Mosquito Hunters exists to make it easier for you to enjoy your yard by keeping mosquitoes and ticks at away. We think that exceptional client service is not restricted to the world’s resorts and spas. The only thing better than summer, in our opinion, is a mosquito-free summer.

Despite being a minor area in the pest management industry, demand for mosquito-targeted services is increasing.

Nuisance Wildlife Management LLC

We offer animal removal services for everything from a dead moose in your yard to a muskrat in your boat! If you have unwelcome guests on a regular basis, such as squirrels, bats, or birds, we can adapt your house or company to keep these squatters outside! If you have an issue with animals, chances are we have a solution for you! Nuisance Animal Management LLC is certified and insured, and we are dedicated to offering the best pest and wildlife control in Alaska.

Serving Alaska as the state’s only licensed private remedy for problematic animals since 2002. We are largely based in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley, although we provide services across the state. NWM provides solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Mosquito Guard Pest Control

Natural Alternatives that are both safe and effective. Mosquito Guard Pest Control makes it simple for you to reap the advantages of reclaiming your yard while providing peace of mind for you and your family.

We are devoted to continual training and are a recognized authoritative source for safe pest control throughout all service phases – inspection, treatment plans, education, and the ongoing maintenance of preventative measures. Our ecologically friendly approach is motivated by the underlying belief that prevention is the best medicine! As a result, PestAway is a powerful driving force in supporting both people and communities in maintaining due vigilance for household and commercial pest management.

Bad Brad’s Bed Bug Busters

Bad Brad’s specializes in employing heat to roast these pests to oblivion when it comes to treatment. Our heat treatment effectively converts damaged regions into a convection oven by utilizing high-tech heaters and fans. For 24 hours, the temperature is increased to 125-130° F. Heat has been shown to be the most effective method of eradicating bed bugs and their eggs. It’s also better for the environment, your children, and your pets than a traditional pesticide treatment method.


Bed bugs elicit powerful feelings such as fear, rage, revulsion, and perplexity. However, don’t allow that be the reason you spend big bucks treating your entire property.

Apex Pest Control Solutions

We collaborate with you to deliver safe and effective solutions based on your specific requirements.

Our free consultations establish what measures are necessary to remedy the situation. For many delighted customers, a free consultation is all that is required.

Apex Pest Control incorporates efficacy, the environment, and safety into the treatment procedure if professional treatment is required.

Bed Bugs
Carpenter Ants
Hornets/Yellow Jackets
Other Pests

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