10 Best Dog Trainers in Vancouver, BC.

If you’re a dog owner in Vancouver, you know that having a well-trained pup is crucial for a happy and harmonious household. But with so many dog trainers in the area, it can be difficult to know where to turn for the best training services. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best dog trainers in Vancouver to help you make an informed decision. From traditional obedience training to specialized services like behavior modification and therapy, we’ve found the 10 experts in the field.

So whether you’re dealing with a new puppy or an older dog with behavioral issues, you can trust that these top trainers are equipped to handle

Evolve Dog Training

Evolve Dog Training is a company based in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia that offers simple and practical puppy training solutions through tailored consultations, group training and agility classes.
They believe in positive reinforcement and giving dogs the opportunity to respond positively to their surroundings.
They are a proud member of the BC SPCA AnimalKind Accreditation Program and committed to dog welfare and humane dog training.
The company offers increased confidence building for both dogs and their owners.
Customers have shared positive experiences working with Vanessa, who is described as professional, skilled and caring.

Hearts & Hounds Dog Training

Hearts and Hounds Dog Training in Vancouver emphasizes empathic training in their philosophy.
The dog trainers believe that dogs should be treated as members of the family and their physical and emotional needs should be understood and met.
The trainers offer Puppy Preschool, Puppy Kindergarten, Life Skills and Specialty Classes, Private Coaching, and Day Training to teach dog owners how to raise their dog and build a harmonious relationship with them.
Their methods are progressive, positive, and reward-based, and they offer special offers to their clients who inquire about their services.

Canine Solutions Dog Training

Canine Solutions offers one on one, personalized dog training programs in East Vancouver, BC for dogs with problematic behaviors such as being unpredictable around other dogs or people, and not listening to their owners.
They guarantee that the dog can transform into the perfect dog and that the program works by mentoring committed dog owners.
The founder, Drew Warner, provides free virtual consultations, private lessons, and ongoing support to ensure long-lasting results.

Top Dog Canine Training

Top Dog Canine Training is a Vancouver-based dog training company that offers services in Surrey, Langley, Vancouver, and surrounding areas. They offer a wide variety of dog training classes, from beginner obedience classes to reactive dog classes. They also provide private lessons, walk & train sessions, and board and train. All their classes are structured, fun, informative, and organized with specific goals to accomplish each week. Top Dog Canine Training has two beautiful training locations in Vancouver and Langley.

All their dog trainers are well-educated in the field and have many years of experience in the industry. The company is committed to working with each client to deal with any issues they may be facing and attain a healthy and balanced relationship with their pets. They offer testimonials from previous clients on their website.

Karma Dog Training Vancouver

Training approach that focuses on building trust and cooperation with a dog, rather than using intimidation and force. It also emphasizes the responsibility of dog owners in shaping their dogs’ views of the world.
Karma Dog Training Vancouver is then introduced as an endorsed and accredited training organization offering a range of services including private in-home training, obedience classes, behavior modification, and service and therapy dog training.
The founder of Karma Dog Training, Jeffrey Liebowitz, is mentioned as the creator of the “Karma Dog Training Method,” which is described as an effective and gentle approach to puppy and dog training.

Happi Dog Training

Happidog Training is a dog training service in Vancouver founded by Charlotte, who has various certifications in dog training and holistic health.
Charlotte’s goal is to build a strong bond between owners and their dogs by personalizing training techniques to meet their unique needs.
Customers who have used the service praise Charlotte’s flexibility and patience in helping dogs learn appropriate behaviors.
Happidog Training offers different packages for dog owners, such as basic and intermediate packages, which are personalized to meet each dog’s specific needs.

SpoOk TricksNTreats

The dog training professional, Tara, has been working with dogs since 1997 and became certified through the Dog Stars Training Academy in 2011.
She has since then earned her Certification as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through an apprenticeship with DogWorks in Burnaby.
Tara has attended various dog training webinars, seminars, and Pet Expos to expand her knowledge.
She has experience supervising in a dog daycare, walking and hiking with groups of dogs, and administering medication to elderly pets.
Tara loves seeing dogs learn and helping them communicate better with their human.
She is influenced by well-known names in the dog training industry such as Jean Donaldson, Denise Fenzi, and Ian Dunbar.

Positive Paws Training

Holly Ovington, a certified dog trainer, has been passionate about dogs since a young age and has gained experience through 4-H dog clubs, volunteering at a local vet clinic and SPCA, and working for dog daycares and dog walking companies.
She is certified with the Karen Pryor Academy and other organizations, and takes pride in using positive reinforcement methods to strengthen the relationship between dogs and their owners.
Positive Paws Training, the company she works for, empathizes with the toll separation anxiety takes on both the owner and the dog and believes in investing in professional education to provide the best service.

In Partnership Dog Training

They offer training, counseling, and behavior modification that addresses problem behaviors, with the goal of making life with a dog happy and easy. They offer services for welcoming new dogs, reactive and aggressive behaviors, leash walking, house training, and adventure preparation. The trainer provides tools for owners to engage their dogs and offers to do the training for owners who are too busy. They also offer private sessions and group socialization classes.
They will come to the owner’s home and can also meet via video conference to address the dog’s behavioral needs. All training includes personalized follow-up notes and training plans.

Raintown Dog Training

Raintown Dog Training in Vancouver offers science-based and humane training methods for dogs of all ages and training needs.
They specialize in puppy training and have classes for urban dog parents to learn sit-stays and loose-leash walking.
Their methods are always force-free, creative, and patient.
The team at Raintown wants to empower dog lovers in Vancouver with skills, knowledge, and inspiration while building a community.
Private sessions are also available for those with specific issues, like leash reactivity.
They have received positive feedback from clients, and they acknowledge the traditional territories of local Nations.

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