Top 10 Best Phoenix Dog Trainers

Professional dog training benefits both dog owners and their canine partners. Dogs may acquire useful skills from a professional trainer, such as fundamental obedience instructions and directives customized to unique homes. Professional trainers also assist owners in developing better communication with their dogs and having greater control over their animals’ behavior. Owners learn how to effectively interpret their dog’s body language, how to praise positive behavior, and how to handle troublesome behaviors that particular breeds exhibit. Dogs benefit from these teachings as well, as they improve their socialization, obedience to orders that make living together simpler and safer, and the formation of an unbreakable link between pet and owner.

Check out some of our hand picked top dog and obedience training companies in Phoenix below.

unTAMED Dog Co.

They provide cutting-edge, scientifically-based training and behavior modification techniques.

They serve the broader Phoenix region as well as the whole central valley. They do, however, have clientele all throughout the nation. They often get pets from different states and even Canada. They like the fact that individuals are ready to take these actions because they have faith in their method and expertise. They’ve also spent years perfecting a system that allows customers to continue progressing with their dogs via virtual follow-up training.

Foothills Canine Academy Brenda Dreyer

They provide dog training in a climate-controlled indoor facility. They keep class sizes small to ensure that you and your canine companion get enough attention.

Their purpose is to equip you with the information and resources you need to educate, communicate with, and understand your canine partner.

Paws To Train Your Dog

They feel that training is a chance to demonstrate your love for your dogs by spending valuable time connecting and learning with them.

Their training programs will assist your dog in becoming a well-mannered member of the family. Their dog trainers and behavior experts use the most effective professional training techniques to teach your pet excellent manners as well as how to behave around humans and other animals. They don’t make excuses for unpleasant actions; instead, they get to the root of your dog’s behavior issues.

Nate Dog Training

Nathan Dunham is a dog trainer that works with dogs of all ages, from puppy to adult, as well as dogs of diverse breeds and temperaments.

His instruction is intended to provide dog owners with a better awareness of their canine’s requirements. Owners will get a grasp of correct leash training, dependable recall, advanced stay command, social skills, etiquette, and more via his instruction. He use positive reinforcement to address, alter, and prevent canine behavior issues.

Learning Paws 24/7

They are a collection of longtime animal enthusiasts, dog trainers, and friends who have worked and volunteered in shelters, dog day cares, and training facilities for many years. They believe there is a need for a facility that will provide a fun, safe, educational, and positive atmosphere for all of your dogs’ needs.

They have been servicing the pets and families of the Phoenix region for over 5 years. They like caring for and bonding with animals, as well as developing long-lasting connections.


Since 1991, Phoenix Dog Training has provided the finest quality pet obedience training in Phoenix, Arizona. Their canine training staff has over 45 years of combined expertise. They are dog training and behavior modification professionals that have expertise treating difficult and undesired behavior issues.

They use evidence-based and science-based proven approaches for all training and behavior modification.

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