Top 10 Best Delaware Dog Training Companies

Professional dog training can have countless benefits for both you and your four-legged friends. Working with a qualified trainer to establish an effective communication system between you and your pooch will help establish boundaries and create a trusting bond, making it easier to manage undesirable behaviors in the future. Professional training also ensures that positive reinforcement is used where necessary, creating the ultimate bond between human and canine. This can lead to fewer behavioral responses such as chewing on furniture or barking incessantly when left alone for long periods of time. Dog owners may also find that by attending professional training classes, their canine companion will benefit from increased mental stimulation, better socialization skills and improved obedience. Ultimately, seeking professional advice when it comes to training a dog can result in a calmer, better-behaved pet that’s an overall pleasure for the entire family.

Check out some of Delaware’s top dog trainers below.

WiggleButts – Delaware Dog Training

WiggleButts Dog Training is here to assist dogs and owners in their community by providing training services and skills for both owners and canines. Their business and all they do is built on integrity. They are dedicated to integrity, trust, and dependability. Educating people about why dogs act the way they do and how to encourage desirable behaviors in the dog’s surroundings. They assist owners in improving their bond with their dog by providing useful training.

Lead the Way K9 Training & Boarding , LL

Their services include puppy training, training for older dogs, boarding, and daycare, giving pet owners peace of mind while they are away or at work. Lead the Way K9 Training is dedicated to assisting dog owners in developing better connections with their dogs.

Lead the Way K9 Training is a licensed and insured family-owned company serving the greater Columbus region with exceptional dog training and structured boarding/day care services. The headquarters of Lead the Way K9 Training are in Delaware.

BlackDog Behavior and Training, LLC

BlackDog Behavior and Training, LLC solely use positive reinforcement approaches in order to achieve healthy and long-term behavioral modification. Behavior modification programs using this compassionate method are aimed to establish realistic, low-stress objectives for both the dog and the person.

They focus their customers’ healthy quality of life and encourage it via a staff of highly competent, qualified trainers. Their methods are founded on decades of behavioral research and fresh findings validated by peer-reviewed field investigations. They use this attitude in their work with customers and teach dog owners how to use it in their everyday lives with their pets.

Homestead Dogs

Amy Durfey, owner and lead dog trainer at Homestead Dogs, has always had a soft spot for animals. Her curiosity for people and animals led her to a BA in Psychology from the University of Kentucky, followed by certification as a professional trainer from the National Canine School for Dog Trainers in 2009.

Homestead Dogs offers a broad range of training programs to suit every breed and household. They provide programs to keep your dog or puppy entertained whether you are at work, away of town, or at home, or you may join their exciting evening group dog and puppy lessons.

Off Leash K9 Training Delaware

Working mostly with house pets, they can provide you and your pet with an amazing degree of obedience, allowing you to carry them anywhere and everywhere with you without worry. What they like the most is witnessing dogs that have spent their whole lives on a leash become completely off-leash and obedient! They thrive on watching the expressions of delight on both the dog’s and the owner’s faces when they have learned a new command without the constraints of a leash.

Training Tails

Training Tails is based in Smyrna, Delaware, and they are delighted to provide dog training and doggy daycare services to the community. They feel that these services improve the bond between owners and their canine friends.

Through our One-on-One and Day School Programs, they provide Basic and Advanced Obedience Training. Their joint sessions develop obedience regimens that work toward your objectives while also fostering a happy, healthy, balanced dog.

Academy of Dog Training and Agility

The Academy of Dog Training and Agility is devoted to the concept that training together may enhance the emotional and physical well-being of both the dog and the handler.

Good reinforcement is usually used in their training approaches to develop positive behavior. Punitive approaches, they believe, impair the bonding process that is essential to the dog/trainer connection. Clickers, food, and praise are all utilized. It must be enjoyable for both the dog and the trainer, otherwise there will be no actual learning.

Sweet Paw Dog Training

Heather will meet with you weekly for 45 minutes for 5 sessions through the highly user-friendly platform Zoom, where she will show you videos on how to teach a habit. Then she will walk you through it live so she can provide comments and assist with any troubleshooting that is required.

She will send you the video viewed in class as well as any pertinent handouts on what was practiced after each session. You may watch the video as many times as you like to practice the behavior. Her curriculum is organized as well as adaptable, as any dog parent and trainer pair should be.

Delaware K9 Academy

Christos Philippou, the company’s founder, founded Delaware K9 Academy in early 2019 with the goal of providing professional, safe, and economical training and boarding services to the wider Northern Delaware region.

They make certain that every customer is comfortable and excited about working with their dog. Each dog receives a strategy that is specifically customized to their requirements. Because no two dogs are alike, it is critical to avoid the cookie-cutter training plans offered by some of the other national franchise training companies.

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