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Some people believe that training will stifle or eliminate a dog’s natural spirit or temperament. It’s the exact opposite. A well-trained dog is better equipped to enjoy a life free of unwanted restrictions.

Dog training is beneficial to both the dog and the owner. An expert instructor will assist both of them. Your dog will be happier, and you will be as well.

Ready Sit Go Dog training

Don’t spend time attempting to figure things out on your own…
It simply becomes so overwhelming and complicated without the assistance of a skilled trainer…
Trying to figure things out for yourself can cost you years of hard effort and pain…
Instead, follow my simple Dream Dog Blueprint to save time and frustration.

The Loyal Hound

The Loyal Hound Dog Training is the leading aggressive dog training and dog obedience training firm in Denver, Colorado! We specialize in well-known board and train programs, dog obedience training, dog behaviour modification, resolving dog aggression, human violence, resource guarding, and other services…

Our exceptional success record with dog aggression issues and other serious behavioural difficulties has earned us a reputation as one of Denver’s top dog training companies.

Chomps Dog Training

We use a balanced training technique that rewards and corrects your pet to build effective communication and clear limits in order to achieve our goal to providing a better dog-owner connection. We want to return a trained dog that understands and respects its owner’s orders on and off-leash during walks, excursions, activities, and travels.

Our experience as dog owners and trainers allows us to successfully connect with your dog, understand their requirements, and design a training program that is personalized to your dog’s learning speed.

303K9 – Denver Dog Training

We tailor our programs to your and your dog’s individual requirements.
During your dog’s first session, we will discuss priorities and training objectives.

Take complete control of your dog on a stroll or excursion.
You may have peace of mind and obedience even when the dog is not on a leash.
You’ll be proud of your pet and have a lot more freedom.
Learn the proper instructions and gain confidence.

FetchMasters, LLC

FetchMasters focuses on high-performance obedience training as well as behaviour management for the majority of difficulties. To teach puppies and adult dogs of various breeds, ages, and sizes, we generally use positive, dog-friendly, scientifically sound approaches. As a result, we do not train using e-collars, choke chains, pinch collars, or other highly unpleasant instruments or approaches.

Dog Trainers in Denver FetchMasters is owned by Thomas and Linda Aaron. Tom is an Animal Behavior College and the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers qualified dog trainer (CCPDT).

Sidekicks Dog Training

We recognize that dogs have their own set of priorities at Sidekicks Dog Training. We believe in a balanced and practical approach to dog training and use a real-world approach to making your dog their best self. Relationship development and clear communication are essential while training your dog. We educate our customers how to encourage and interact successfully with their pets.

Dog Dynamix

We train dogs of various shapes, sizes, ages, and breeds. Our method results in well-behaved dogs that are passionate about their training! We like teaching approaches that you may utilize on a regular basis. Our specialists are ready to assist your dog learn instructions, socialization, etiquette, and more via board and train programs, day camps with training, and in-home training!

Denver Dog Guru

Specialists are ready to assist your dog learn instructions, socialization, etiquette, and more via board and train programs, day camps with training, and in-home training!

Their objective is to help you better understand your dog, teach them the skills they need to be the greatest companion they can be, and to foster a cooperative connection that benefits both dog and human.

All Dogs Unleashed


Ancillary K9 Dog Training

While both time and dedication are required, the appropriate technique is crucial. That approach has gained us the respect of experts, families, and, of course, happy pets all around Colorado.

Dog training does not come in one size fits all. Each dog has a unique circumstance that must be addressed, thus we provide a variety of programs to ensure that we can effectively serve each client.

Off-Leash K9 Training – Denver (South)

OLK9 is made up of off-leash dog trainers with backgrounds in the US Military, DOD, US Secret Service, and the commercial sector. Our client’s pups will be taught to be as obedient as most police and military working dogs. This training method incorporates the key ideas and philosophy of consistency, fairness, and crystal clear communication, which will transform any dog into a well-behaved member of society in every scenario. 100% Off-Leash Obedience!

Paw School

The Paw School staff is made up of self-proclaimed dog lovers, and we take pleasure in treating your pets equally as well as our own! Of course, being a Paw School trainer requires more than just a love of dogs; our staff is well-versed in reward-based training and is eager to share their expertise with you and your four-legged companions!

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