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List of The Top 5 Best Wedding Photographers in Calgary

by Sarah Kerrigan
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Being one of the most important days of your life, your wedding calls for a quality photographer who is able to really bring out the best of your special day. Check out the list of Calgary wedding photographers who specialize in capturing the memories of your wedding in pictures.

Nicole Sarah Photography

Nicole Sarah Photography

Our approach revolves around family and relationships.

Capturing the actual essence of your romantic story requires time and attention (as well as a lot of personality!) We work hard to pair our customers with the appropriate photographer while also forming significant friendships along the way.

Our Lead Photographers are qualified professional photographers that shoot in our distinct style and collaborate with clients in the same way that Nicole does. Our team’s level of experience is unparalleled.

The Nogues Photography

The Nogues Photography

The Nogues are the Calgary photography team for couples who want to have a good time on their wedding day! We have over Twenty years’ experience photographing weddings around Alberta and would love to go anywhere in the globe for your wedding as well!

We’ve both grown into powerful photographers who are constantly attempting to push the boundaries of our creativity. We like each other’s distinct viewpoints and are both motivated to build strong relationships with all of the couples we shoot.

We provide a wide selection of gorgeously flat albums with a plethora of customization possibilities to help you create the perfect book of memories. We also provide duplicate books and guest books with images from your engagement session.

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