List of the Best Pest Control Companies – Calgary, AB

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Taking care of pests can be a difficult undertaking, especially if you have to deal with wasps or hornets! If you’ve done everything you can and it’s time to hand the task over to the pros, have a look at the list of pest control businesses below.

JAPCO Pest Control Ltd.


JAPCO Pest Control is a Canadian family-owned business that serves the pest control requirements of Calgary, Edmonton, Southern Alberta, and Saskatchewan. JAPCO has more than 35 years of experience.

Our experts are among the most well trained and certified in the business. They can handle the most difficult pests and have expertise with a broad range of pests such as bug control, heat treatments, bird control, and wildlife services.

Major Pest Control Calgary

We provide a thorough 58-point pest control survey and analysis of your house or facility. All pest control services will be carried out by a team of expert pest specialists. A licensed entomologist and a public health professional are available 24 hours a day.

We assist homeowners and renters with any Calgary pest management, rat, animal, bird, or reptile problems. Our licensed pest control professionals will examine your problems, locate extermination or control alternatives, and then discuss your choices with you.

Lavellan Pest Solutions Inc.

James McGowan, an urban pest expert, developed Lavellan Pest Solutions in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. James has a distinct enthusiasm for the pest control profession. This enthusiasm, along with the most recent advances in scientific research, exceptional customer service, empathy, and a strong desire to solve problems, has propelled Lavellan Pest Solutions to the head of the line when it comes to offering the finest pest control Calgary has to offer.

Strategic Pest Management

Strategic Pest Management is a family-run pest treatment business. We are Albertans helping Albertans, and we are quite familiar with our own backyard! Our experts are government qualified, and we proudly and professionally serve Calgary and the whole Bow Valley area.

We provide a pest-free environment to you and your company with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please contact us for further information! Rodent management, bug control of all types, bird exclusion, and animal capturing and removal are among our services.

Pestgon Pest Control

Pest controller has over ten years of experience and vast knowledge and abilities in the industry to ensure pest-free living.

Pest treatment necessitates quick and efficient service. Pest populations grow over time, necessitating quick action to control them.

Tushar Pandya owns and operates Pestgon Pest Control. He has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a focus in Entomology. Tushar has worked for pest control firms for many years and has over ten years of expertise in the pest management industry.

Trutech Pest Control (AB) INC

TruTech Pest Control is the most effective and efficient method for ridding your home or company of pest infestations.

We specialize in offering quick and efficient Pest Control Services in Calgary, Alberta, as well as Toronto (GTA), Ontario.

TruTech Pest Control is more than simply a company. It is a project aimed at creating a safe and secure environment for our facilities and households. Given the difficulties that individuals confront, TruTech Pest Control provides the most effective and efficient pest-removal solutions.

Peregrine General Pest Control Inc.

Peregrine is dedicated to eradicating pests in a quick and competent way. Many of our pest management treatments are centred on catch and release, passive deterrent, and environmental changes. Our pest control professionals serve the areas in which we reside.

Peregrine General Pest Control is a 100% Canadian firm that is locally owned and run, serving Calgary and the surrounding region. Peregrine has the professional specialists and specialized technology to build a program to fit your particular pest control requirements, with over 30 years of combined expertise in the pest management sector and hundreds of pest problems treated.

Absolute Pest Control Services Inc.

Absolute Pest Control is a premier Calgary pest control business that offers customized plans and services to meet a broad range of requirements. Our exterminators will assist you with any bug problem so that you may experience Pest-Free Living!

Since 2001, the company has been family-owned and run in Calgary. Absolute Pest Control’s owner and founder worked in the sector for over 15 years prior to the company’s inception.

Absolute Pest Control is presently the top pest control business in Calgary and the surrounding region. Our mission is to be renowned for providing excellent customer service and consistently exceeding our clients’ demands and expectations.

Cal-Rid Exterminators Inc

Cal-Rid Exterminators takes pride in providing long-term pest control solutions via the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We like the challenge of locating those access spots and eliminating pests, and our trucks are unmarked to safeguard your privacy.

The majority of our professionals have more than ten years of expertise in insect, bird, and rodent elimination. Keith Petrie, our owner, has been doing this for over 40 years, and his old-school approach, along with annual training that all technicians must attend, has resulted in our programs’ tremendous success and track record.

Buzz Boss

We’re not your typical pest treatment business. Traditional pest control firms, which concentrate on the commercial sector, are antiquated, costly, and wasteful. We specialize in protecting your house against flying, crawling, and creeping pests.

The Buzz Boss System protects you and your family by using cutting-edge technology and certified, experienced professionals. We’re delighted to be a 100% Canadian business that gives back to the communities we serve.


Poulin’s Pest Control provides a comprehensive variety of pest control services tailored to your needs in order to keep your home pest-free. Our pest control professionals have received extensive training to determine the cause of the pest problem, including which bug is causing the problem, and to offer the best long-term solution for you or your company. Poulin’s maintains the most up-to-date certifications to assure the greatest quality of service and better outcomes.

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