Top 10 Best Dog Trainers in Toronto, Ontario.

If you’re looking for a dog trainer in Toronto, you likely want to ensure that you’re choosing the best possible option for your furry friend. With so many trainers available in the area, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This is especially true if you’re new to dog training and aren’t quite sure what to look for in a professional trainer.

Whether you’re looking to address specific behavioral issues with your dog or simply want to improve their obedience and social skills, finding the right trainer is essential. With the right guidance and support, you can help your dog become happy and well-behaved. Find below our list of the best dog training in Toronto and surrounding area to help you get started.

Healthy Houndz Dog Services

The writer has a passion for dogs and has developed a six-step program to help pet parents train their dogs using positive reinforcement techniques. The program is goal-based and helps to instill proper behaviors and manners in dogs, making it easier for pet parents to handle. The program teaches clients to put themselves in their dogs’ shoes, helping them speak the same language and understand what motivates, scares and makes their dogs happy. The writer’s inspiration and expertise come from her experience working with different dogs and their owners in a dog walking and boarding business.

Follow the Leader Inc

Follow the Leader Inc. is a dog training service that only uses behavioural science in their methods. They are certified by industry professionals and require 300 hours of experience and referrals from vets to become certified. They attend approved seminars and pass an independent exam to maintain certification. The service believes in accessible training for everyone and uses positive reinforcement to teach simple techniques. They aim to bridge communication gaps between owners and dogs to ensure mutual respect, love, and companionship. They provide a safe place for dogs to make mistakes and learn at their own pace through fun and encouraging classes.

Dog Logic Toronto

Dog Logic Toronto offers dog daycare and group training classes. Prior to booking daycare, dogs should be at least 7 months old and spayed/neutered, and bookings must be made before 3 pm the day before. Daycare packages are valid for 6 months from the purchase date, and a $20 surcharge may apply for last-minute bookings. During training classes, dogs should wear a flat collar, Gentle Leader, or Front Clip Harness, and no prong, choke, or e-collar will be permitted. Kindness and respect are expected towards instructors and fellow classmates.

K9 Academy Dog Training Center

K9 Academy is a canine training service located in Toronto that offers customized training packages for dogs and their owners. Their programs range from group training to board and train, and they also have a comprehensive puppy training program. K9 Academy works with owners and rescue centers to help rehabilitate dogs with severe behavioral issues and believes that no dog is beyond help. Testimonials show positive results and a new phone evaluation service is offered to potential clients.

Raising Rover

The author has been a dog trainer for 20 years and has helped over 6000 dogs and their owners. They offer unparalleled expertise and experience, and aim to support their clients along the way towards successful outcomes. The author’s passion for animal communication was sparked at a young age, leading them to study animal behaviour and specialize in ecology and evolution. After a stint as a financial advisor, the author launched Raising Rover in 2005 as Toronto’s first board certified trainer. Despite 20 years of experience, the author continuously seeks to learn and grow, and offers full transparency on their educational journey to clients.

Marley’s Misfits Dog Training

Marley’s Misfits is a team of experienced trainers who have a strong appreciation, love and respect for dogs. They have worked with strays, shelter dogs, pet dogs, therapy dogs, and working dogs. Their goal is to build a positive relationship between the handler and dog by using a balanced training approach. They strive to help owners make the necessary changes to ensure their dog lives their best life and the owners maintain a healthy relationship and lifestyle.

Fit Dogs

Tamara, a former tennis player and social worker for at-risk youths, developed a dog-centered exercise program after her own dogs began chewing up her house due to understimulation. Her program aims to provide dogs with exercise, which leads to benefits such as increased self-discipline, social skills, and physical fitness. The service is located on Broadview Avenue in Toronto.

Mellow Vibes Dog Training

Mellow Vibes Dog Training offers practical training programs for dogs of all ages and behavioral issues, ranging from aggression and anxiety to overexcitement. They provide unlimited lifetime support guarantee and have received a 4.8 star rating on Google Reviews. They also offer training videos and a testimonials page for interested clients.

Calm and Balanced Canine INC

Calm and Balanced Canine Centre offers an innovative approach to daycare, focused on serving each furry family member’s needs with engagement, creativity, and positive structure. Their team of canine professionals finds innovative solutions to challenge dogs mentally and physically, enhancing the human-dog bond through natural leadership and exceptional customer service. Contact them for an enrichment experience for your dog!

Interactive Dog Rescue Training & Psychology Centre

A couple who met in a dog park opened an Interactive Dog Rescue Training & Psychology Centre in Scarborough in 2018, but had to close due to lack of funding and personal injury. They reopened in March 2020 after finding a larger facility in North York with a 4400 square feet indoor space and a 2000 square feet outdoor compound. The couple’s passion is to help local and international rescues save dogs and they take in all types of dogs for rehabilitation with positive reinforcement. They welcome volunteers and donations.

Born 2B Wild Pet Services

Born 2b Wild is a cleaning service that focuses on the health, safety, and happiness of furry family members. They specialize in feral and aggressive behavior modification in dogs and offer training from puppyhood to seniors. They come directly to the client’s home and teach them how to speak their dog’s language. The service also includes emailed notes and detailed homework instruction. Additionally, the service includes an express puppy prep class. Born 2b Wild helps families adopt the best dog for their home, and they offer a free assessment for dogs with behavior issues.

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