Top 10 Best Dog Trainers in Edmonton, AB.

For pet owners in the Edmonton area, finding the right dog trainer can be a difficult task. After all, there are so many different training styles and it’s often hard to know which one is right for you and your pup. To make the task easier, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best dog trainers in Edmonton. These trainers have established themselves as leaders in the industry and can provide you with the best possible approach for helping your pup become the best version of himself. Each has years of experience, a strong track record of success, and a passion for teaching dogs how to be their best. Whether you’re looking for a private class, need a refresher course, or want to attend a group class, these trainers have the expertise to help you and your pup reach your goals.

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Naughty Boyz Dog Training

At Naughty Boyz Dog Training, they are devoted to providing an excellent experience for both dogs and their people. They proudly abide by the standards of the Alberta Force Free Alliance and exclusively use force-free training methods that have been proven to be the most effective, ethical, and enjoyable for all dogs. No matter their size, breed, or behavior, their training emphasizes positive reinforcement.

Skai’s the Limit Training

At Skai’s the Limit, they understand the importance of finding the ideal trainer for you and your dog, which is why they offer complimentary consultations with their Head Trainer. Their tailored plans and homework sheets are specifically created to help one reach their desired goals, be it with a hunting dog, lapdog, or active family pet. They are confident that their personalized approach will provide you with the best chance for success.

Sit Stay Squat

As a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer and Professional Canine Fitness Trainer, Certified Canine Body Worker (Dog Massage), Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Sarah Keller specializes in the biomechanics of canine musculoskeletal development and how corrective exercise strategies can reduce injury risk, enhance performance, and improve overall canine wellness. She is committed to evidence-based best practices and science-based, force-free dog training protocols.

Dog Behave

By providing appropriate guidance and instruction, Allyson can assist humans in better understanding their canine companion. This understanding can help to promote a dogs self-control and respect. All too often, behavioural issues arise due to an incompatibility between the two species, and a lack of knowledge surrounding the dog’s personality and capabilities. It is important to recognize that dogs are unable to comprehend our language and therefore require guidance in order to succeed in our environment. In terms of dealing with canine behavioural issues, punishment should be avoided as it is not conducive to building a strong relationship between the two.

Katt the Dog Trainer

Katt is an experienced Dog Trainer, having served families in the Greater Edmonton area for more than 10 years. With a passion for caring for and connecting with dogs, she strives to develop strong, lasting relationships through training. Katt is dedicated to providing the highest quality training to your companion, as if they were her own. Two locations are available – Greater Edmonton and Bonnyville.

For the Love of Paws Pet Service – FLOPPS

Managing an out-of-control dog can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience. The good news is that help is available now! Their team specializes in assisting families with dogs that exhibit difficult behaviours such as pulling, barking, lunging and growling. They are dedicated to helping one create a more tranquil life with their pup.

Happy Hounds Dog Training

Do you feel overwhelmed by the adjustment to having a new puppy in the house? Or is your older canine in need of some behavioural and obedience guidance? She provides customised, private training sessions that are specifically designed for you and your dog. Let her assist you in the positive upbringing of your puppy or rehabilitate your dog’s existing behaviour and obedience. You don’t have to tackle this journey on your own.

Nurtured Canine

At their canine training facility, they strive to provide owners with the knowledge and resources necessary to reach the highest levels of success. From recall, leash work and puppy training, they endeavour to take advantage of every training opportunity available. As experienced dog trainers, they are committed to providing their clients with open and honest communication, regardless of how serious the behavioural issue may be. Through consistency and perseverance, they can reduce or remove problem behaviours.

Good Boy Dog Training

If you’ve had your pet for a while or just adopted them, they can help you learn manners, tricks, and even strengthen your bond. They offer small classes and excellent instruction including hands-on activities and support. Plus, they guarantee their ethical and humane training practices and utilize modern, dependable methods rooted in science.

Diamond in the Ruff Inc.

Diamond in the Ruff Inc., run by the super talented dog trainer, Colleen McCarvill, is the go-to when it comes to dog training in Edmonton and its surroundings. As one of the first trainers in western Canada to use only positive reinforcement techniques, Colleen and her team have made thousands of dogs into amazing and well-behaved pets. They rely on the science of learning theory and use only modern, force-free and fear-free methods when dealing with any issue.

Steadfast Dogs

They’re all about tailoring their dog training to fit you and your pup’s specific needs. If you just got a new puppy and need help taming it, adopted a pup from the shelter that needs training, or want a service animal to help with a disability, they’re here to help. They understand that problem behaviors like aggression, barking and over excitement can be frustrating, so they’ll show one how to apply solutions in real-life scenarios, and teach you to understand what your pup needs.

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