Arkansas – List of the Best Dog Trainers

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Find below a list of the top 10 best rated dog trainers in Arkansas. Training dogs can take a specialized set of skills to do it properly and timely. If you don’t have the time or the skill set to train your puppy or dog check out the list below for a buncha the best in the state of Arkansas.

Little Rock K-9 Academy

Our facilities are among the largest and most luxurious in the Mid-South. You will discover that we not only provide exceptional facilities for the dogs, but also for the people. Both institutions provide “real world-scenario-based” training to each canine team in order to improve their performance after certification and return to respective departments.

We aspire to surpass our clients’ expectations by offering polite, fast, and professional services with high-quality items at lower costs than rivals.

NWA Canines

The board and train packages that I have created are excellent solutions for folks who need to focus on more essential concerns while simultaneously training their dog to be a well-mannered and obedient part of the family.

Among the benefits our customers are already reaping as a result of choosing to train with me are: finally breaking through the obstacles and achieving the success they had hoped for.
Training assistance can be obtained by texting or calling a professional dog trainer while in training

Von Klein Stein Working Dogs

We deal with police dogs on the street and understand the importance of having a K9 that is steady, confident, courageous, and controlled. In fact, we are the only kennel in Arkansas that gives hands-on experience with working patrol dogs. We have used K9s in many aspects of law enforcement.

VKSWD has conducted seminars around the state and country. We have various resources in central Arkansas that allow us to manage the industry’s most advanced and realistic seminars. We push the boundaries to help handlers preserve their skills while also revealing their inadequacies.

Furry Feet Retreat And Training Center

For many years, Furry Feet Retreat puppy and dog training programs have helped thousands of canines, dog owners, and their families across the United States.

To help individuals in need of our services, we provide personalized 4, 6, or 8 week in-house, on-site puppy and dog training programs and classes.

Boarding Training allows you to have your dog trained while staying at Furry Feet Retreat and Training Center. Our personalized boarding training programs and private classes ensure that your dog has a pleasant and secure boarding stay.

R and R Kennels LLC

We treat your dog as if it were our own. Every customer is a member of the R and R Kennels family. Our top objective is to provide high-quality service and customer happiness.

Our 5000+ square foot facility is equipped to meet all of your pet’s requirements.

The structure is totally heated and cooled to maintain a constant temperature of 68-70°.

Our indoor 2500 square foot play space is ideal for dogs with temperature sensitivities or to guarantee your dog gets enough playing even on a wet day.

By My Side Canine

Whatever problems you’re having, we’ve seen them all before and know how to solve them. We like educating dog owners how to mould their dog’s behavior so that it will be a continuous friend and source of endless delight.

Give us a call if you want to own a peaceful dog with a tranquil mind that will be a terrific family member.

Canine Country Club of Arkansas

Canine Country Club of Arkansas strives to stay current on the latest in canine behavior, nutrition, and puppy and adult dog training.

We have always been and will continue to be dedicated to the health, safety, and comfort of our canine family members.

School For Dogs

Our objective is to assist each dog realize their full potential by using enjoyable, simple, and effective positive reinforcement training approaches.

Our two-week board and train program employs force-free ways to teach your dog the qualities we believe are needed for a wonderful family companion.

Ozark Canine Academy

Understanding how to encourage each dog is crucial to the success of the training.

We put in place a system that is customized to each pet’s needs.

Spend some time describing the communication mechanism to the pet owner.

Little Rock Dog Training Club

LRDTC, which was founded in 1950 to promote obedience trials and training, is an American Kennel Club-licensed club that is permitted to run AKC-sanctioned obedience, rally, and agility competitions. We are Arkansas’s oldest training organization and have a facility dedicated completely to dog training. LRDTC will teach you how to train your dog. reading

KEP Doggie Dude Ranch & Farm

Kenneth and Erin Holley, who live on the site, own and run KEP Doggie Dude Ranch & Farm, Inc., a family-owned and operated pet boarding kennel in Hot Springs, AR. We have been running our kennel since 2005.

Paws Mahal, LLC

Paws Mahal is a canine facility that is run and maintained by a family.

We provide dog daycare, play, and training to Central Arkansas residents in order to enhance your companion’s behavior toward other dogs and people. Our services are designed to strengthen and improve the serious dog owner’s relationship with their dog, as well as their ability to teach and manage them effectively.

Canine Connection

In day training, we will create a customized plan particularly for you and your dog. It will concentrate on your requirements. Allow us to assist you in making your dog the friend you’ve always wanted him to be.

Our puppy day training program is designed to teach your puppy positive skills while eliminating negative ones.

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