List of the Top 15 Best Denver Wedding Photographers

Wedding photography is somewhat of a special craft. It is unlike any other specialized photography. A wedding takes place once and needs to done right the first time. A second shoot is not really an option for most parts of the ceremony. Experience is definitely something to look for when choosing a photographer for that special day.

The Photogenic Lab

He seeks to capture life’s honest, candid, and beautiful moments as a wedding and portrait photographer, and he is pleased to orchestrate the milestone events in his customers’ lives. He enjoys photographing unconventional individuals and unions, and he is continuously inspired by the beauty and honesty found in all types of love.

Despite his current concentration on photography and portraits, his background is in media and video creation.

Celebrate Again

For almost ten years as Denver elopement photographers, they’ve witnessed weddings become more about the guests than the couple! To be candid, they want more for you — an elopement day centered on your narrative, your love, and, most importantly, that deep longing in your spirit to eternally explore.

They want to work with you to create a memorable wedding day experience that will serve as the spark for your epic marriage.

Teresa Woodhull Photography

She has been photographing weddings since 2011 and has had the pleasure of photographing over 200 weddings in Colorado. She presently resides in Denver, but she photographs weddings everywhere a plane ticket will take her.

Frances Photography

She is a full-time professional, and photography is not a side job or a pastime for her; it is her identity. It’s her passion.

She has photographed hundreds of weddings and has spent over 15 years perfecting her technique. While she is a professionally educated photographer, her greatest instructors have been experience, blood, sweat, and tears.

Kate Ivy Photography

She wants to help create those dream wedding photos that they long for. Whether that means they are eloping in their grandparents back yard, or a destination wedding in Mexico, hiring a wedding photographer is very different than hiring any other vendor. It’s important that they have a connection so that they feel 100 percent themselves in front of her. This will be an experience they create together. She wants them to look back on these photos for years and years and remember how they felt in that exact moment.

Alyssa Carpenter

She tunes into the couple and wants each photo to feel like them. Is the couple playful, silly, shy, big on PDA or more reserved? She reads into their relationship and finds the flow that’s right for them. She uses the mountains and sky to frame their story. Some of her favorite shots are the ones her clients don’t even know she took. Unposed, undirected, just two humans in love, as they are.

Mallory Munson Photography

She is a photographer of all things, but specializes in engagements, weddings and elopements in Denver, Colorado and other parts of the world. She enjoys traveling the world solo, rocking out to all the concerts and finding any excuse to cheers! She kinda really loves what she does. She is extremely fortunate that taking engagement and wedding photos is her passion. In the past six years she has captured over 250 weddings.

Leah Goetzel Photography

She thrives on fun, authentic interactions. She loves making the most camera shy people feel like rock stars. Her style relies heavily on candid moments, wanting their images to transport them back to that special day as it was— the laughs, the sweet glances, that one tear that rolls down their partner’s cheek as they see them walking down the aisle for the first time.

As one of the top Colorado Wedding Photographers, she finds nothing more gratifying than being in the mountains or trekking around Denver with two people in love. She directs them in a way that looks beautiful and romantic, while allowing their playful personalities to shine through in their photos. She has been photographing couples like them for over a decade and her job is to make them look good – which she does very well!

Jill Houser

They would love to be the ones to record all of your little moments and transform them into large memories, whether it’s an elopement on a hillside or a major party with all of your family and friends.

When you chose them, they make a guarantee to you that the photographs you look back on in years will recall the same deep sentiments that you had that day.

Junmo Lee Photography

Two One Photography is a Denver-based wedding, engagement, lifestyle, and commercial photographer.

Their objective is to capture the passion and the whole narrative of the day and bring it to you. They want you to have the best experience possible, so they make you feel gorgeous, comfortable, and enjoy every second of the day. They will record everything from the smallest facts to the most intense feelings and everything in between. They understand how essential it is to have memories to share with family for a lifetime, and we would want to be a part of that.

Two One Photography

Tony is more than just your typical photographer, with 20+ years of professional expertise, a keen eye for detail, creative vision, and the guiding concept of client satisfaction. He stands poised, camera in hand, ready to tell your tale via great photography.

Tony Gallagher Photography

Jessica believes in nothing other than human connection and genuine, honest love – the type that takes us to tears and makes us exclaim, “I would die for you.” She is a hopeless romantic with a desire to not only explore the love individuals share, but also to explore new locations to produce emotional, meaningful pictures of their journey together.

Jessica Christie Photography

Caleb Clayton Film + Photo

He photographs all sorts of weddings: large, small, intimate, adventurous elopements, engagements, and couples.

Every couple and wedding is unique, and they want to be honored for it—and so do you! and I’ll be there to document and tell their tale.

Sarah Roshan Wedding Photographer Denver

Their specialty is candid pictures and stunning scenery.
Their expertise is colorful and timeless editing.
Their mission is to connect you to the people and places you care about the most.

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