Top 10 Best Bike Shops Delaware State

Cycling is a great way to boost your physical and mental health. It not only helps you get in shape, but it also strengthens your heart, reduces risk of diseases such as diabetes, and lowers blood pressure. At the same time, the sense of freedom from cycling can provide an emotional lift and make you feel energized. Cycling is an efficient form of transportation that saves both time and money in comparison to driving or public transit. It improves air quality by reducing air pollution and it reduces traffic congestion on roads as well. It can even put you in a better mood!

Check out some of Delaware’s best bike shops below.

Lewes Cycle Sports

Lewes Cycle Sports has been Lewes’ local bike store for 30 years, contributing to the active riding culture in Lewes-Rehoboth and the surrounding regions. The purpose of the store is to guarantee that you have an amazing time on two wheels. Whether it’s maintaining a bike you’ve owned for years or helping you discover the right new bike, you can be certain that your next ride will be nothing short of wonderful following a visit to their store!

Garrison’s Cyclery

Garrison’s Cyclery of Yorklyn delivers professional enthusiasm and skill to the tri-state area’s cycling community at all levels. Garrison’s mission is to deliver well-researched bicycle brands as well as proven goods to avoid marketing errors, excellent mechanical & mechanical repairs, and customized attention from an experienced team that really cares about bicycles and the people who use them.

Garrison’s Cyclery has become one of the most respected stores in the area since launching in 2008, giving top quality brands and outstanding service to clients who travel from near and far.

Bike Line

Their staff is really kind and educated. They strive to be your total riding outfitter, with over 200 bikes in store and a comprehensive variety of cycling equipment and gear.

Bike Line of Middletown is Central Delaware’s full-service cycling store, conveniently located just off Route 1.

Their shop is situated in the Delaware “Tax-Free” zone near the Maryland border, making it an appealing destination for large purchases.

Newark Bike Project

The Newark Bike Project is a community repair business that provides professional tools and skilled volunteer technicians on a shared basis. Individuals with little or no experience may ride their bikes to work and meet others in the neighborhood. NBP’s aim is to educate, build community, and empower people in a manner that promotes sustainability! The majority of funding comes from the sale of secondhand bikes given by the community, but it also comes from money contributions, grants, and component sales.

Henry’s Bicycle Shop

Matt handles everything at Henry’s, including choosing high-quality bikes and accessories from reputable suppliers and employing competent technicians and salespeople. While sales and service are important, Matt also wants the business to have a community feel – a place where customers can feel at ease and not frightened.

On the first Friday of each month, there are maintenance workshops, Women’s Only rides, Happy Hour Fridays, and even music at the store. Matt, his staff, and the Henry’s Bicycle Team also give back to the community by constructing trails, volunteering, and hosting an annual spin-a-thon to raise cash for Cystic Fibrosis research.

NBS Bikes

NBS Bikes sells, builds, repairs, and maintains all sorts of bicycles and provides rapid, courteous bicycle repair services to get you back on the road/trail at an affordable price!

The majority of bicycle fixes and repairs are performed within 24 to 48 hours. While you wait, certain repairs may be completed.

Tony’s Bicycle Skatesboard Shp

Tony’s Bicycles and Skateboard Shop is headquartered in Delaware’s capitol and has been servicing the tri-state region since 1986. They are a bicycle and skateboard business that caters to families.

They offer a competent and highly professional educated team to assist you with all of your cycling and skateboard requirements, from sales to any kind of bicycle maintenance.

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